Consular Mobile Mission offers services to Filipinos in SA; Bagong Pilipinas Explained at a Town Hall Meeting


The Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne, led by Consul Jan Sherwin Wenceslao, successfully conducted a consular mobile mission in Adelaide, South Australia, from May 3 to May 5, 2024. The mission took place at Level 1, 43 Franklin Street, Adelaide, and was assisted by Carmen Garcia, Philippine Honorary Consul to South Australia, and her team.

The mobile consular mission to Adelaide administered 191 consular applications on 3 -5 May 2024.

Over the course of the three-day mission, the team administered 191 consular services, including the processing of new and renewal passport applications, replacement of lost passports, civil registrations (Reports of Birth and Marriage), and Jurats. A total of 46 individuals reclaimed their Filipino citizenship under the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act under Republic Act 9225.  Additionally, the mission facilitated overseas voting registration for 68 individuals, preparing them to participate in upcoming Philippine national elections in 2025.

Oath-taking Ceremonies during the Consular Outreach in Adelaide, South Australia

Left: Overseas voting registration delivered to 68 individuals. Right: Engaging the FilCom in SA.

A key highlight of the outreach was the Bagong Pilipinas Filipino Community Town Hall Meeting in Adelaide, held on May 4, 2024. The event, led by Consul Wenceslao and Honorary Consul Garcia, was attended by the Filipino Community leaders as well as representatives of the Philippines-Australia Business Council (APBC) for South Australia.

The event featured discussions on the Bagong Pilipinas governance framework which emphasizes transformation, inclusive governance, and proactive roles for all sectors in creating economic opportunities and social progress. The meeting underscored the importance of collaboration between the government, private sector, and citizens in promoting national development and highlighted the strengthened bilateral relations between the Philippines and Australia, marked by the recent establishment of a Strategic Partnership.

Consul Wenceslao also emphasized several policy enhancements by the administration targeting various sectors including economic development, agricultural reform, security enhancements, education reform, healthcare initiatives, disaster preparedness, financial and fiscal policies, infrastructure development, transportation efficiency, sustainable energy, and environmental sustainability. The community showed robust support for the Bagong Pilipinas initiative and expressed appreciation for the work of the Philippine government in addressing the needs of the overseas Filipino community. The meeting also welcomed the recent introduction of Philippine mangoes to the Australian market.

Due to the strong demand for consular services, the Consulate General in Melbourne now offers bi-annual consular mobile outreach missions to Adelaide. The Filipino community in South Australia, numbering over twenty-five thousand strong, greatly benefits from these outreach efforts, which significantly reduce the burdens associated with traveling to Melbourne for consular services.


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