Advancing Filipino Engineers’ Recognition


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – On 17 April 2024, the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne hosted a productive online meeting to advance the global recognition of Filipino engineers. The meeting, led by Consul General Maria Lourdes M. Salcedo, together with Consul Ralph Vincent C. Abarquez and Consul Jan Sherwin P. Wenceslao, involved key discussions between Engr. Federico A. Monsada, President of the Philippine Technological Council (PTC), and Engr. Alfie Tilan, leader of the recently-formed Society of Filipino Engineers in Australia (SFEA) and other officials of PTC and SFEA.

SFEA was established upon the suggestion of Melbourne PCG when Consul General Salcedo became aware of the complicated process faced by many Filipino engineers seeking professional recognition in Australia. In the lead up to its formal inception, Melbourne PCG hosted several meetings starting in November 2023.

The PTC, meanwhile, represents over one million Filipino engineering professionals worldwide and serves as an umbrella organization for thirteen Philippine engineering professional associations. It plays a critical role in advocating for the global recognition and standardization of engineering qualifications.

The meeting marks a significant step towards a possible Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the Philippines with Engineers Australia (EA), which would allow Filipino chartered engineers and their Australian counterparts to gain professional recognition and practice rights in both countries. The meeting also focused on facilitating the acceptance of Philippine engineering credentials in twenty other signatory countries of the Washington Accord, including major economies. Such recognition promises to enhance the global mobility and professional stature of Filipino engineers worldwide.

The Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne remains committed to supporting the interests of Filipino professionals and skilled workers in Australia. Over the past three years, it has been engaging universities, training entities, government agencies as well as regulatory and accreditation bodies to help achieve this goal. END

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