Natural-born former Filipino citizens who have lost their citizenship by foreign naturalization may apply to re-acquire or retain their Philippine citizenship (dual citizenship) under Republic Act 9225, or the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003.

Their qualified dependents may also acquire Philippine citizenship under the same law, if they are included in the application.

Qualified dependents are those children of applicants, whether legitimate or illegitimate or adopted, natural-born Filipino or not, who are below 18 years old. There is a corresponding fee per beneficiary included in the application.

A child 18 years old or above who is a natural-born Filipino may apply in their own right.

However, children born in Australia of a Filipino parent, of whatever age, who is considered an Australian citizen under Australian law, are also deemed Filipino citizens under Philippine law and need not apply for dual citizenship, unless they have expressly renounced their Philippine citizenship.

For dual citizenship application, the following must be submitted to the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne by postal service addressed to Level 10, 257 Collins St. (Emirates House Building), Melbourne 3000 VIC Australia:

  1. Two (2) original accomplished Petition for Dual Citizenship forms. You may download the forms at this link: Dual_Form_1.pdf
    Please leave the applicant’s signature and date of application blank as it will be signed before the Consular Officer.
  2. The original (will be returned to applicant during the oath taking) and two photocopies each of the following documents:


Philippine Birth Certificate with Registry Number issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA);


For married applicants:

  • If applicant was married in the Philippines, PSA-issued Philippine Marriage Certificate with Registry Number is required
  • If the applicant was married in Australia while still a Filipino, Report of Marriage issued by the concerned Philippine Consulate or Embassy is required. If the Report of Marriage was reported to the Consulate or Embassy six months or more after the date of the marriage,  a PSA-issued Marriage Certificate is required. (go to to order online (fee will apply).
  • If the applicant was married in Australia when she was already an Australian citizen, an Australian Marriage Certificate is required.
  • if the applicant’s name in the Philippine birth certificate differs from the name in the Certificate of Naturalization or Australian Passport, the applicant must show an official document that bears the current name, and an Affidavit must be submitted to explain the change in name (fee will apply).
  • If the applicant is widowed, Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate of the deceased spouse (from PSA if Filipino, or from Australian government, if Australian) are required
  • If the applicant had a previous marriage recorded in the Philippines, the PSA Marriage Certificate with annotation of annulment, or declaration of nullity of the marriage, or recognition of foreign divorce, as the case may be, is required.
  • If the applicant had a previous Australian marriage, the Marriage Certificate and final divorce decree issued by the concerned Australian court or tribunal are required.
  1. Two (2) certified true copies of data page of old Philippine passport
  2. Two (2) certified true copies of data page of Australian passport
  3. Two (2) certified true copies Australian Certificate of Naturalization (Citizenship)
    (Copies may be certified by either a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, or Police officer)
  4. Four (4) passport-sized colored photos with white background, taken within the last three months.
    • Two (2) of the four (4) passport-sized photos will be attached to the application forms.
  5. Processing fee of A$90.00 by postal money order or bank cheque, payable to the Philippine Consulate General, in the exact amount. (This payment is non-refundable).


Please type or print legibly all the information required into the appropriate spaces on the form.
If the information required is not applicable, please write “N/A”.
Do not leave any item blank.
The Philippine Consulate will not act on application forms that are incomplete and incorrectly accomplished.

  1. Two (2) accomplished Identification Certificate application forms for each dependent;
    Application for Identification Certificate (for minor applicant)
  2. Three (3) passport-sized colored photographs of each dependent (taken within the last three months), with white background;
  3. Unless otherwise stated, original and two photocopies of each of the following documents (the original documents must be shown to the Consulate for verification):
    • If born in the Philippines, and subsequently naturalized with the parent/s: PSA Birth Certificate of each dependent;
    • If born in Australia when the parent/s have been naturalized as Australian citizens, Australian Birth Certificate;
    • Data page of Australian passport;
    • Certificate of Australian Citizenship of each dependent child or of their parents.

    (Copies can be made by either a Notary Public, Justice of Peace, or authorized police officer)

  4. Processing fee A$45.00 for each dependent, by postal money order or bank cheque, in the exact amount, payable to the Philippine Consulate General (This payment is non-refundable).
    • One (1) postal money order may be made to cover fees for spouses or family applications.

The Philippine Consulate assumes no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage in the mail or while the documents are in custody of the postal or courier service.

Applicants are reminded to copy or photograph the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted.

Applicants will receive a notice email of the approval or disapproval of their applications.

If the applicant is unable to provide the additional documentary requirement within 3 months from notification by phone or by email, his/her dual citizenship application will be denied and returned. The applicant may, however, resubmit his/her application.

Final Reminders

Prepare two (2) sets each in the order stated above and attach the photographs in the application form.

Ensure the correctness of the email address (written in the application form) where the approval and notice/schedule of in-person Oath Taking will be sent.

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