Bagong Pilipinas or New Philippines focuses on an all inclusive plan for economic and social transformation under the administration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.  Launched on 28 January 2024,  Bagong Pilipinas is the administration’s brand of governance and leadership, emphasizing unity, involvement and the bayanihan culture as the main fibers and components for its full realization. .
Included in the national government programs of the Bagong Pilipinas are the following major agenda:
  • Build Better More – This is the infrastructure program of the Marcos administration from 2022-2028 and contains a total of 194 infrastructure projects ranging from public transport, power, health, information technology, water resources and agriculture.
  • Pambansang Pabahay Para sa PilipinoThis is the national housing program of the Philippines launched in 2022 with a goal of zero informal settlers by 2028.  The administration is targeting to build around 1 million housing units annually until 2028. 
The Bagong Pilipinas logo features three red stripes that represent post-war agricultural and rural development. The blue and red stripes represent future goals: a progressive Philippines that leverages technological advancement in pursuing sustainable industrial development. The rising sun signifies the dawn of a new Philippines. The weave pattern illustrates the interconnectedness and unity of the Filipino people. 
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