The video conference hearing is conducted upon the request of parties who will testify at the premises of the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne under the directions of the Philippine court and with the assistance of counsel.

  • The schedule of the VCH should be mutually agreed upon by the parties such as:
    • The Philippine Consulate in Melbourne;
    • The Requesting party; and
    • The Court.
  • Kindly send an email requesting for an available schedule for VCH to [email protected] 
  • Upon confirmation of the schedule for VCH, the requesting party shall submit, via email soonest, a Court Order, which states the date and time of VCH.
  • Special MS Teams meeting link to be arranged by the court in the Philippines, for the case to avoid the Consulate personnel to wait for hours before the case is being called.
  • The requesting party shall ensure that MS Teams application is installed in their device prior to the start of the hearing.
  • The Philippine Consulate will provide a designated meeting room to the requesting party during the conduct of the VCH.
  • Court Order for the conduct of Video Conference Hearing;
  • MS Teams meeting link.
    1. The MS Teams meeting link should be received from the court at least 24 hours before the schedule of the video conference hearing.
    2. The requesting party’s counsel should coordinate with the court beforehand to ensure that the meeting link is provided;
  • Requesting party’s own device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone) which can be used during the VCH;
  • Requesting party’s own data connectivity, as the Philippine Consulate is unable to share its wifi, for security reasons;
  • Fee of AUD 427.00 Cash and Debit Card Only
    1. This is for the use of the premises, as required by the Department of Foreign Affairs’ regulations
    2. To be paid on the date of the hearing.
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