An Online Film Showing Event: Life of Andres Bonifacio dedicated to the Filipinos in Victoria, Australia


The Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne, in collaboration with National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), National Historical Commission (NHCP), and Local Historical Committees Network (LHCN), organized on 28 November 2023 an online film showing in commemoration of Bonifacio Day celebrated every 30 November by Filipinos.


In commemoration of the Bonifacio Day, NCCA Chair Victorino Mapa Manalo participated by inspiring Melburnians with his recorded message followed by the viewing of the film titled, May Pag Asa… Ang Bantayog ni Andres Bonifacio.


Also at the forum were Rex Paragas representing the Filipino-Australian Indie Films, Keshi Sacdalan representing Melbourne-based young filmmakers, and Alfred Nicdao, who is the first Filipino actor to appear on Australian national television. The discussants pointed out the film used facts based on the historical documents gathered. They found out in this film that Andres Bonifacio himself is also an actor and he has a very interesting childhood.

Commentators: Ms. Keshi Sacdalan; Mr. Rex Paragas and Mr. Alfred Nicdao

During the event, Mr. Alfred Nicdao proposed to do a modern interpretation of Gat Andres Bonifacio’s life, particularly his founding of the Katipunan, for a play to be presented for the community in 2024.

Consul General Maria Lourdes Salcedo took on the proposal of Mr. Nicdao to produce a creative interpretation through a simple play for Bonifacio Day next year. Seemingly inspired, Mr. Dennis Sumaylo, head faculty of UP-Mindanao and a former president of the Filipino-Australian Student Council Organization in Victoria concurred with the idea of staging creative output and offered assistance through acting sessions or research.

Accordingly, the aim of the proposed project is to introduce Gat Andres Bonifacio to the second generation of Filipinos in Victoria for them to have a better understanding and appreciation of their Filipino identity.


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