26 March 2023 – The 2nd Annual “Celebrate Filipino! Community Gathering” took place on Sunday, 26 March 2023, hosted by Australian-Filipino Community Services (AFCS) in Wilson Botanic Park Berwick. Consul Jan Sherwin P. Wenceslao represented the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne at the event. Over 400 Filipinos attended the gathering, which aimed to engage and connect the Filipino community in Melbourne’s South East. Mr. Brad Battin MP for Berwick was also in attendance, highlighting the importance of the event for the local community.

The gathering showcased culturally significant activities that emphasized the importance of preserving national identity. The Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne expressed its support for the Filipino community and its commitment to providing consular services and promoting overseas voter registration for the 2025 National and Local Elections.

In his remarks, Consul Wenceslao announced a harmonized celebration for the 125th anniversary of Philippine Independence, with events including the Grand FilCom Gala Night, Traditional Flag Ceremony, and Family Open Day. He encouraged participation in the upcoming festivities as part of the Consulate’s ongoing support for the Filipino community in Australia.

The Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne is dedicated to fostering unity within the Filipino community through its support for events like the “Celebrate Filipino! Community Gathering” and preparations for the Philippine Independence Day celebrations.


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