Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne Celebrates Children’s Day



20 January 2024, Melbourne, Victoria – The Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne, in collaboration with the Philippine Language School of Victoria (PSLVI) and the Filipino-Australian Student Council of Victoria (FASTCO), hosted a vibrant Children’s Day celebration on 20 January 2024. The event, held at the Consulate General premises, featured Filipino storytelling, songs, and traditional games, engaging over 30 children aged 1 to 13, along with their parents and guardians.


Consul-General Maria Lourdes Salcedo opened the event with remarks highlighting the significance of children and the Philippine commitment to child rights. A video storytelling session of ‘Si Pagong at Si Matsing’ was presented by Story House. The festivities continued with traditional Filipino games like luksong tinik, hep hep hooray, piko, and longest breath, organized by FASTCO. Ms. Perla Luetic, President and Principal of PSLVI, spoke on the essence of Children’s Day and introduced a special performance by students of the PSLVI. Consul Jan Sherwin Wenceslao concluded the event with a message urging adults to commemorate Children’s Week at home and encouraging children to embrace their imagination and creativity.


The event culminated with the distribution of goody bags and a delightful Filipino afternoon snack, or merienda, featuring suman, sago at gulaman, biko, and pancit, among others.

The consulate was able to invite Ms. Rosa Almencion, Mommy youtuber who shared her YouTube video of this event to her YouTube Channel. She confirmed that his son, together with the other kids, had a wonderful time at the Philippine Consulate’s Children’s Day event. According to Ms. Almencion, the event not only provided entertainment but also served as a learning experience, allowing the kids to engage in various traditional Filipino games. When they got home the kids continued playing piko and luksong tinik. A memorable day indeed for the children.

The Philippines celebrates Children’s Week in the fourth week of January by spreading awareness about promoting the rights and welfare of children, including under the Child and Youth Welfare Code of the Philippines.


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