Holidays to be observed in 2023

02-Jan-2023 (Mon)New Year’s Day
26-Jan-2023 (Wed)Australia Day
13-Mar-2023 (Mon)Victorian Labour Day
06-Apr-2023 (Thu)Maundy Thursday
07-Apr-2023 (Fri)Good Friday
10-Apr-2023 (Mon)Easter Monday
21-Apr-2023 (Fri)Eid Al-Fitr 2023
25-Apr-2023 (Tue)ANZAC Day
01-May-2023 (Mon)Philippine Labor Day
12-Jun-2023 (Mon)Independence Day (PH) and King's Birthday
21-Aug-2023 (Mon)Ninoy Aquino Day
28-Aug-2023 (Mon)National Heroes Day
29-Sept-2023 (Fri)Friday before the Australian Football League Finals
01-Nov-2023(Wed)All Saint's Day
02-Nov-2023 (Thu)All Soul's Day
07-Nov-2023 (Tue)Melbourne Cup
27-Nov-2023 (Mon)Bonifacio Day
08-Dec-2023 (Fri)Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
25-Dec-2023 (Mon)Christmas Day
26-Dec-2023 (Tue)Boxing Day
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